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DREAM (((click & cite)))


DREAM = 01/01/2008

I am sure I had a series of various dream scenarios last night (or this morning) but I don’t recall any of them except for one in particular… I dreamed that I was in the hospital getting some tests done. The medical doctors had done another MRI (x-ray) of my brain to monitor the progression of the Multiple Sclerosis I was diagnosed with in 2004. However to all of our surprise, upon reviewing the data the doctors could not find any conclusive evidence in support of me having the dis-ease. I was shown the x-ray film and as the doctor pointed out to me what he interpreted, I was in awe. I asked him – How could that be so? What about all the conclusive evidence that the doctors had found when I was initially diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis? The doctor explained that I had probably been mis-diagnosed and that oftentimes symptoms and even MRIs can show what seems to be evidence of a particular dis-ease - when in fact it is no such thing. After having heard my account of all the various changes I had experienced in the past around the time in which I had been mis-diagnosed, the doctor then explained to me that what was shown on my MRI in the past was probably an illustration of the effects of stress upon my brain and body during that time. Whatever it was – it was no longer there. I was amazed and in my mind it was hard for me to believe the good news. I responded with – But the doctor before that had diagnosed me with M.S. had taken a lumbar puncture and had told me that there was evidence in my spinal fluid to support me having the disease… Maybe another lumbar puncture should be taken to make absolutely sure the dis-ease was in fact not there…? And then my conscious mind came to the forefront in the dream and I asked myself… That needle in my spine had hurt something awful! Did I really want to go through all of that again? Why could I not just believe what was apparently not shown on the MRI?

And that’s all I recall of the dream…


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